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Hello! My name is Zechariah, and I am a React, TypeScript and Rust Developer from Singapore. I enjoy doing Full-Stack Web Development, App Development and solving programming problems. I really enjoy taking on side-projects that I know I can definitely learn from or help me fix real life issues that I encounter.

Currently, I am a CSIT Diploma Scholar in Temasek Polytechnic (TP), Information Technology, Year 3. In TP, I am a World Skills Web Technologies competitor, so I often have to go far beyond my school curriculum to learn other technologies and frameworks to be competent in my skill trade.

Outside schoolwork, I am usually only either watching KDramas or working on a new side project that I have in mind. Most of my side projects are build using TypeScript or Rust, but I also do enjoy trying out new technologies in the web development space. I wouldn't mind doing mobile app development using Flutter, that is if I find the project interesting.

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A chess engine written in rust to determine legal moves of a specific position, paired with a react frontend to see the chessboard

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A rebuild of another music streaming application, this time written in Flutter. It uses a fork of the old Express server but updated the endpoint names

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A website to create powerful and modern forms, then let users fill in their responses to the forms

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